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CSGO Rankings

Preserve your Main CSGO Rank with Smurf Accounts while playing Ranked

There are a lot of reasons that people these days start getting paranoid about their ranks in CSGO. In an effort to preserve them, what happens is that they stop playing ranked matches on steam servers, and instead start playing unranked matches on third-party software like SoStronk or FaceIT. They do this because they are afraid that they will go down in CSGO rankings, owing to unforeseeable factors and reasons in the game other than simply their own failures. Losing due to any problem other than one’s own wrongs always feels bad and thus, by losing matches and ultimately deranking is something that everyone’s justified in being worried about.

We, at Cheap CSGO Accounts know how troublesome it could be to face this and for the sake of preserving your rank, we encourage you to buy smurf accounts from us. This is much better than choosing to buy CSGO ranks since it allows you to play ranked accounts in the game while your main account’s rank is still safe from any troubles. Once you buy a smurf account from us, you’ll find that you no longer need to depend on third-party apps like SoStronk and that you can finally, start enjoying the thrill of playing ranked matches on steam servers again.

Other than skins, a player’s CSGO rank is of the utmost importance to every player. You can’t risk your rank by losing ranked matches due to unforeseen factors like hackers in the game, troll teammates or teammates who don’t coordinate and play in a proper manner. We know that CSGO ranks are quite important in all senses of this game, and assure all our customers that they will receive a fully-legitimate service from our end, with customer satisfaction guaranteed. You will receive a smurf account that’s ready for ranked matches. By using this account, you will be able to play ranked while your main rank stays preserved.

Why should you buy a Smurf Account from us to Help Preserve your CSGO Rankings?

One of the most important reason to drive you while you’re playing and winning in CSGO ranked matches, is how your games affect your CSGO ranks
. To this end, you can only imagine how important it could be to buy a smurf account. Well, with our extensive inventory of cheap, reliable smurf accounts, you can choose and buy one from us at Cheap CSGO Accounts. We will ensure that you face no problem in buying one from us and using it afterwards, for your own or other’s CSGO rankings.

Smurf with your Friends:
One of the biggest tradeoffs or benefit you can get from using our smurf accounts is that you will be able to play with or for your friends. This ensures that while you are playing, you can use these smurf accounts to aid your friends in increasing their CSGO rank. The reason why you should use smurf accounts you got from us at Cheap CSGO Accounts is that by doing so, you don’t need to use your actual, main account. Losing and deranking your main account’s CSGO rankings is one tension you will never have to face with this choice.

Try out New Team Strategies:
Another good that will come of your option to buy smurf accounts from us at Cheap CSGO Accounts is that you will rid yourself of a lot of restrictions. Without the overbearing fear of losing your rank upon losing or playing bad, you will be able to play unchained and unboxed. This would let you open up and try out any number of new strategies you want to, with your team and its members. All this, without being afraid of losing your CSGO ranks

Play Matches for Fun, In-Game:
One of the major quips many CSGO players have is that they have to play on third-party softwares and customer servers if they want to play ranked matches without having to worry about their CSGO rank. This is another avenue where Cheap CSGO Account’s smurf profiles shine through. You can buy one from our store online, and play games in the normal matchmaking pool, without having to go to any extra lengths. Pretty soon you’d be playing matches for fun with them and won’t have to worry about losing and deranking.

These are some reasons why you should definitely buy smurf accounts from us at Cheap CSGO Accounts. It’ll open up a host of advantages for you to benefit from and also preserve your CSGO rankings from getting deranked due to matches lost, trolls and cheaters in the team, smurfing for noob players, etc.