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Global Elite

Buy an Account of Global Elite in CSGO

Reaching global elite in CSGO is quite tough without already the challenges posed by trolls and hackers. Many people often stop regularly playing ranked matches once they reach global elite is because how easy it is to lose and derank soon after, losing to a hacker or incompetent team. This is where being able to buy a CSGO global elite account really comes into play. Buying an account instead of playing with your original account is much easier because of a host of different reasons. We, at Cheap CSGO Accounts know how difficult it is for anyone to reach the highest rank possible, the global elite without spending hundreds and hundreds of hours, time and dedication. Yet, it’s very easy to lost out and slip back to SMFC or even lower.

Instead, you can just continue playing with your original account for ranked matches, and what you can do instead is to keep that global elite account for any league or tournaments or ranked matches with your friends. This way, you can maintain your global elite ranking in the community’s eyes while still continuing to enjoy playing ranked despite being a global elite account holder.

What Important Factors Should Make You Strongly Consider Buying a Global Elite Account?

  1. If you’re a global elite, or have been a global elite at some point, you’d know all about how the entire ranking system in CSGO works. If you lose ranked matches, you lose what’s known as ‘Elo’ points from your profile. Lose enough, and you get deranked or demoted to the next lower rank, and as such, if you’re a global elite, you can fall and become a SMFC again. As such, losing ranked matches is something that all players work hard to avoid.
  2. However, the CSGO community is riddled with hackers who ruin matchmaking and ranked matches alike. People can play fair matches anymore and thus, get discouraged from playing any further. They do this so that they don’t lose ranked matches to incompetent team mates and hackers since they want to remain a CSGO global elite and not lose their face in the community as not being good enough.
  3. The reason why hackers are such a big menace to the game is because of what today’s scenario looks like: Hackers and cheaters who you encounter in high-rank matches are those who use premium hacks and thus, don’t get VAC banned or anything else. As such, if you play against them, you will always lose that match since they use unfair advantages to gain an edge over you and your team.

Because of these reasons, we at Cheap CSGO Accounts have recognised the need for people to be able to remain a CSGO global elite come what may. This would assure them that all of their friends and rival know that their rank is at the global level without being teased or taunted for not being able to stay global for long. As an added benefit, they will be able to play as many ranked matches they want from their own account or from a smurf account so that they don’t miss out on playing ranked matches, because just by buying an account, they can now remain a Global Elite in CSGO.

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