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If you play CSGO on a regular basis, hackers in the community are not something that you haven’t heard about. If they are in your team while in a ranked game, they take the fun out of your match but if they are in the opponent team, they make your match downright hellish. One thing you’ll notice, is that the higher you go in the rank ladder, the more hackers you start encountering, and if you’ve been playing for a few years, then that’s something you can’t avoid since you’ll probably be around legendry eagle by now. The solution you ask? Buy gold nova accounts. We, at Cheap CSGO Accounts can tell you for a fact that there are very few, almost negligible amount of hackers there in this rank, than other, higher ranks in the ladder.

The reason behind this is that because of how the hackers with premium hacks don’t get caught, and keep on winning, their rank keeps on increasing. With a bit of time, they reach higher ranks quite easily, and therefore, cause more problems in those skill brackets than in the lower ones like silver or gold. You can thus buy gold nova accounts as a safe, plausible way to avoid this whole ordeal and play ranked matches without any fear or irritation.

Here is Why It’s Better to Buy One and Avoid Hackers in your Ranked Matches:

  • Valve, the developers of CSGO have put in place many measures that prevents hackers from returning, for the hacks getting detected and furthermore. However, those hackers are quite persistent, and by using paid, premium hacks, they start hacking again in the game pretty soon.
  • Once you get allotted a hacker in either your team, or in the opponent team, the match really becomes quite useless. This is because, if you win with one, that match later doesn’t get counted and if you’re in the opposite side, you have no chance of fairly winning anyways.
  • Opting to buy gold nova accounts as a failsafe or alternative is something that we at Cheap CSGO Accounts endorse because of this particular reason. If you are interested in playing ranked matches, without being afraid that your high rank gets affected by matchups with hackers, then you can just get one for yourself.
  • When you choose to buy gold nova accounts, you stop having to play matches on third-party softwares like FaceIT or SoStronk. Instead, you can enjoy the thrill or fun of playing an actual rank match, and treat that gold nova account you bought as your ‘smurf’ account.
  • This gold nova account will basically allow you to play ranked matches in a time when playing Ranked matches is something that other players get scared about, since they fear about their main rank. Using this, you won’t have to have that fear anymore about maintaining your main rank, and just carry on from there instead.

It is because of benefits and feature such as these, the whole concept of choosing to buy gold nova accounts is something that’s not farfetched, but quite useful in today’s CSGO community. You can easily get one from us at Cheap CSGO Accounts and never have to face hackers in your ranked matches ever again.